Monday, 25 May 2015

Free Casino Bonus for Beginners

Good news to new players on Deluxe Win!

To thank you for choosing us as your preferred online casino site, Deluxe Win has decided to make it fun and rewarding for every gaming enthusiast out there especially for beginners.

Deposit a minimum amount of RM100 in order to qualify yourself for the exclusive Starter Pack Bonus of up to RM370! To claim the free casino bonus or to learn more about the promotion, contact the live chat at Deluxe Win or simply click on the picture below:

Happy betting!


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  8. seriusly shame with this company i will report and viral coz dont want happen at other people, this company not paying after give rm8 to play. after i win rm150 do withdraw rejected its because company give rm8 free credit.. so beware with company Deluxe Win. cheat people!!cheat company!!